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IEEE SDN Newsletter on “Challenges of network slicing”

PRISTINE researchers Neil Davies and Peter Thompson (Predictable Network Solutions) have published an IEEE SDN Newsletter on  the “Challenges of network slicing“. In this piece of writing, Neil and Peter explain that a proper network slicing solutions needs to provide a set of good properties for performance and connectivity isolation, assurance of this isolation, scalability […]

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Captura de pantalla 2016-05-10 a les 14.07.39

IEEE SDN Newsletter on “Progressive Network Transformation with RINA”

PRISTINE researchers Kewin Rausch and Roberto Riggio (CREATE-NET) have published an IEEE SDN Newsletter on “Progressive Network Transformation with RINA“. In this piece of writing, Kewin and Roberto explain their work on deploying IP over RINA in a service chaining use-case environment, demonstrating that operators and service providers can start benefiting from the deployment of […]

PRISTINE at the SDN World Congress 2016

The PRISTINE third and final workshop was celebrated in conjunction with the SDN and OpenFlow World Congress 2016 held in The Hague, Holland in October 2016. The culmination of 2 and half years research work on the PRISTINE project, was presented at the RINA Workshop which is an annually organised event, allowing researchers interested in […]


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IEEE SDN Pre-Industrial Workshop

PRISTINE representatives attended the IEEE SDN workshop on 5G and Open Mobile Edge Computing that took place in Venice on June 15th. Sven van der Meer, from Ericsson, presented RINA and PRISTINE in two sessions: a 1 hour discussion session on building POCs (Proof of Concept) and another 2 hour session on participant contributions. Feedback was positive, […]

RINA and PRISTINE research featured in IEEE SDN Newsletter

The May 2016 issue of the IEEE SDN Newsletter features an article with a RINA perspective on the limitations of SDN in its current form authored by two PRISTINE researchers. The full article can be reached at this link, here’s a little excerpt. “In spite of being only a few years old as a technology, […]

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PRISTINE at the PISA Internet Festival 2015

PRISTINE, Nextworks and the University of Pisa organized a 4-hour workshop in the context of the PISA Internet Festival 2015. The workshop, entitled “Evolution and Revolution in the Internet: Software Defined Networks and new network architectures“, discussed with invited experts from leading industries and researchers how Software Defined Networking, Network Function Virtualization and RINA can change and enhance the […]

SDN shortcomings and how RINA can address them

New technical report focusing on shortcomings of SDN and how RINA can address them is available at the technical reports section of the website. Abstract Software Defined Networks (SDN) has taken the world by storm. Only a few years old as technology, most of the big players have SDN in their product portfolio or in their strategic […]


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PRISTINE presented at the EU-Taiwan Workshop on 5G Research 4

On October 24th PRISTINE was presented at discussed at the EU-Taiwan Workshop on 5G research in Brussels. During the workshop PRISTINE exposed the value proposition of RINA in the SDN/NFV/Softwarized Networks space: clean architecture, programmability and simplicity. The presentation by Dr. Tinku Rasheed (Future Networks Area Head from CREATE-NET) also discussed the research and innovation activities […]

PRISTINE Introduction at the SDN Concertation Workshop 3

Last week PRISTINE was present at the SDN Concertation Workshop organized by the CITYFlow and OFERTIE FP7 projects. The workshop was scheduled at the same time than the PRISTINE kick-off meeting, but, luckily enough, a senior member of the i2CAT staff could attend the event representing PRISTINE. During the workshop PRISTINE exposed its positioning towards […]

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Cold Touch

Clean and fresh approach to programmability for virtualised networks 7

In the last few years “Software Defined Networking” (SDN) has come to the fore, with its proposed total decoupling between the decisions made about where traffic is sent (the Control plane) and the underlying system that forwards the traffic to its selected destination (the Data plane). Network service providers have also been exploring different ways to […]