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PRISTINE at the SDN World Congress 2016

The PRISTINE third and final workshop was celebrated in conjunction with the SDN and OpenFlow World Congress 2016 held in The Hague, Holland in October 2016. The culmination of 2 and half years research work on the PRISTINE project, was presented at the RINA Workshop which is an annually organised event, allowing researchers interested in […]


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PRISTINE at the PISA Internet Festival 2015

PRISTINE, Nextworks and the University of Pisa organized a 4-hour workshop in the context of the PISA Internet Festival 2015. The workshop, entitled “Evolution and Revolution in the Internet: Software Defined Networks and new network architectures“, discussed with invited experts from leading industries and researchers how Software Defined Networking, Network Function Virtualization and RINA can change and enhance the […]

D2.1 Use cases description and requirements analysis available 3

PRISTINE’s deliverable D2.1 is already available from the website’s deliverables section. Executive summary The goal of this document is to analyze the use cases that will shape the requirements of the research, development and experimentation activities that will be carried out by the PRISTINE partners. Each use case provides an opportunity to explore and understand how […]


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PRISTINE presented at the EU-Taiwan Workshop on 5G Research 4

On October 24th PRISTINE was presented at discussed at the EU-Taiwan Workshop on 5G research in Brussels. During the workshop PRISTINE exposed the value proposition of RINA in the SDN/NFV/Softwarized Networks space: clean architecture, programmability and simplicity. The presentation by Dr. Tinku Rasheed (Future Networks Area Head from CREATE-NET) also discussed the research and innovation activities […]

Clean and fresh approach to programmability for virtualised networks 7

In the last few years “Software Defined Networking” (SDN) has come to the fore, with its proposed total decoupling between the decisions made about where traffic is sent (the Control plane) and the underlying system that forwards the traffic to its selected destination (the Data plane). Network service providers have also been exploring different ways to […]

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