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D3.3 on congestion control, resource allocation, routing and forwarding available!

PRISTINE’s deliverable D3.3 is already available from the website’s deliverables section. Executive summary In this document, the “final specification and consolidated implementation” of the techniques proposed in the previous document (D3.2), “initial specification”, are presented. The goal is to show how the proposed techniques in the previous document have been implemented in RINA, what their performance […]

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PRISTINE paper presenting the Logistic Growth Congestion Controller accepted at IEEE LCN

A PRISTINE paper presenting an analytical and simulation analysis of the Logistic Growth Congestion Controller been accepted at the IEEE LCN conference. Congratulations to the PRISTINE team at University of Oslo for leading this effort! The abstract of the paper is provided below. Abstract Datacenter transport has attracted much recent interest, however, most proposed improvements require changing the datacenter […]