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Paper on scalable topological forwarding and routing policies in RINA accepted @ Wiley magazine

UPC has lead the work on the PRISTINE paper entitled “Scalable Topological Forwarding and Routing Policies in RINA-enabled Programmable Data Centres“, which has been accepted for publication at the Wiley Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies. Congrats to the UPC team! Abstract Given the current expansion of cloud computing, the expected advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the demands of future 5G network infrastructures, […]

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PRISTINE paper on scalable distributed clouds @ IEEE AINA 2017

We are happy to report that a PRISTINE paper lead by the Telecom SudParis team has been accepted at the IEEE AINA 2017 conference! The paper, entitled “Hierarchical Small World Overlay for Efficient Forwarding in Volunteer Clouds” focuses on optimizing the forwarding process and managing the connectivity in a scalable and dynamic fashion in volunteer […]

PRISTINE paper discussing topological addressing/forwarding accepted @ Globecom 2016

A PRISTINE paper discussing the benefits of programmable topological addressing/forwarding policies in RINA-enabled large-scale datacentres at the IEEE Globecom 2016. Congratulations to the PRISTINE team at UPC for leading this effort! The abstract of the paper is provided below. Abstract With the proliferation of cloud computing and the expected requirements of future Internet of Things […]

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