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IEEE SDN Pre-Industrial Workshop

PRISTINE representatives attended the IEEE SDN workshop on 5G and Open Mobile Edge Computing that took place in Venice on June 15th. Sven van der Meer, from Ericsson, presented RINA and PRISTINE in two sessions: a 1 hour discussion session on building POCs (Proof of Concept) and another 2 hour session on participant contributions. Feedback was positive, […]

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RINA discussed in ETSI’s Next Generation Protocols ISG

ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, has launched a new Industry Specifications Group (ISG) to start work on Next-Generation Protocols (NGP) that go beyond what the current TCP/IP Protocol suite can provide. The ISG had its kick-off meeting in London during the third week of January. Amongst others, RINA was presented by PRISTINE and ARCFIRE […]

RINA presented at the “Looking beyond 5G” Workshop

On 29th June, 2015, the NetWorld2020 Joint Expert Group and Vision Group Workshop on “Looking Beyond 5G” was held in Paris. Diego Lopez (Telefonica I+D) exposed the views of the PRISTINE project in the workshop with a presentation entitled “RINA as a clean slate approach to software networks”, available on the presentations area of this website and […]

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How the EC 5G programme can build on the results of PRISTINE 3

It is true to say that PRISTINE does not directly address 5G wireless access networks, but instead proposes a broader evolution of network architecture that can also encompass its mobile counterpart. The hardest challenges of the future 5G standard are not in addressing specific radio access technologies, but on defining an adaptive network architecture that […]

PRISTINE presented at the EU-Taiwan Workshop on 5G Research 4

On October 24th PRISTINE was presented at discussed at the EU-Taiwan Workshop on 5G research in Brussels. During the workshop PRISTINE exposed the value proposition of RINA in the SDN/NFV/Softwarized Networks space: clean architecture, programmability and simplicity. The presentation by Dr. Tinku Rasheed (Future Networks Area Head from CREATE-NET) also discussed the research and innovation activities […]

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