This page provides links to learn more about the RINA architecture as well as national and international research activities related to RINA.

Learn more about RINA

  • IRATI’s RINA Education page. A categorized repository of information on various topics around the RINA architecture such as the advantages of RINA versus the current architecture, naming and addressing, mobility, multi-homing, security, data transfer, RINA implementation and more are included. Learning is achieved through different media such as recorded videos, publications, presentations  and documents.
  • TSSG RINA repository page. An unstructured repository of documentation about RINA, including papers, presentations and recorded videos.
  • Pouzin Society page. The Pouzin Society provides a project-neutral forum to facilitate the coordination and collaboration of worldwide RINA research and development activities.


RINA research projects

  • FP7 IRATI. IRATI will advance the state of the art of RINA towards an architecture reference model and specifications that are closer to enable implementations deployable in production scenarios.The design and implemention of a RINA prototype on top of Ethernet will permit the experimentation and evaluation of RINA in comparison to TCP/IP.
  • NSF grant to Boston University. The grant will fund the development of a prototype for Recursive Internet Architecture (RINA), an innovative, clean-slate approach to computer networking that uses inter-process communications (IPC), a set of techniques for the exchange of data among multiple threads in processes running on one or more computers connected by a network
  • GEANT3+ open call winner IRINA. The goal of IRINA is to study the use of the Recursive InterNetwork Architecture (RINA) as the foundation of the next generation NREN and GÉANT network architectures.