PRISTINE at the SDN World Congress 2016

The PRISTINE third and final workshop was celebrated in conjunction with the SDN and OpenFlow World Congress 2016 held in The Hague, Holland in October 2016. The culmination of 2 and half years research work on the PRISTINE project, was presented at the RINA Workshop which is an annually organised event, allowing researchers interested in the Recursive InterNetwork Architecture (RINA) to present their work and discuss advances relating to their research on RINA. The PRISTINE project has been an intrinsic part in advancing the design and implementation of the innovative internals of the RINA clean-slate architecture. This includes the programmable functions for: supporting congestion control, providing protection/resilience through load balancing, and facilitating more efficient topological routing, and multi-layer management for handling configuration, performance and security.

This version of the workshop was targetted and attracted industrial communities (representatives of key initiatives, manufacturers, service providers) and allowed for the PRISTINE consortium partners to be able to show how RINA is a new way of delivering network function virtualisation (NFV) providing clean:

* Layer 2 Agnostic Networking.
* Global layer 2 vLANs for Software Defined Data Centers (SDDCs), Cloud Providers and Network Service Providers.
* Application Specific Name Spaces for Billions of IDs.
* Inherent Application Security for Distributed Services.
* Isolated ‘Network Slices’ for End to End Services use that can really Guarantee QoS per slice.
* Pro-Active Congestion Control.

The team was excited about being able to present their work at the SDN World Congress an industry leading debating forum and showcase environment for the rapidly growing and massively influential, Software-Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualisation industries. Now, with over 100 supporting partners and sponsors, and 1,500+ delegates, the SDN World Congress has established itself as the principal network innovation conference in Europe for the global telecommunications industry. The PRISTINE project was right there in the middle of it with a Stand (Booth 112 on the 1st Floor) and the workshop presentation.


The overall workshop worked a charm, with numerous questions being asked during each presentation session, and the RINA Unplugged session at the end proving a big hit. In fact one of the attendees asked a question and then proceeded to answer his own question correctly, which is a sure sign that the workshop session did something right. All the slides from the workshop are embedded below.

There were also some demos given during the presentation, which included: