PRISTINE paper exploring network access control in RINA accepted to APCC 2016!

A PRISTINE paper discussing the flexibility of network access control in RINA has been accepted for publication at the 22nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications (APCC 2016). Congratulations to the PRISTINE team at IMT-TSP for leading this effort! The abstract of the paper is provided below.

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RINA is a promising network architecture that conceives networking as distributed Inter Process Communication (IPC). In RINA there is a single type of programmable layer (the DIF “Distributed IPC Facility”), that repeats as many times as needed by the network designer. Each layer is composed by only two programmable protocols: one performs data transfer and data transfer control functions, while the other carries out layer management functions. Multiple policies can be plugged to both protocols at each layer to adapt them to operational requirements. In this paper, we explore the benefits of the RINA architecture on the access control area with respect to the IP protocol suite, specially regarding layer management functions. By designing and implementing a capability-based access control policy, we show that RINA allows for finer granularity in access control decisions than current approaches, also with a lower overhead. Moreover, the policy can be applied to any layer in the network, maximizing the re-use of specifications and implementations.