PRISTINE presence at TNC 2016: talks, poster and life demo!

PRISTINE had a strong presence last week at the TNC 2016 conference, giving a talk, performing an official TNC demo, presenting a poster and showing RINA demos at the i2CAT booth. The leitmotiv of the PRISTINE presence was showing how RINA simplifies multi-layer network management, focusing in a case study of a multi-tenant large-scale data centre network. The slides of the talk are embedded below, and a live recording of the talk is also available here.

The demo was showing a scaled-down version of the DCN build with RINA, configured by the NMS-DAF system developing within PRISTINE. Two of the tenant DIFs configured on the DCN network spanned to the demo venue, and allowed demo attendees to play Quake 3 over RINA (multi-player game). A tutorial on how to re-create the DCN experiment and configure it with the Manger is available here.