RINA and PRISTINE research featured in IEEE SDN Newsletter

The May 2016 issue of the IEEE SDN Newsletter features an article with a RINA perspective on the limitations of SDN in its current form authored by two PRISTINE researchers. The full article can be reached at this link, here’s a little excerpt.

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In spite of being only a few years old as a technology, Software Defined Networking (SDN) has jumped from research labs to the product portfolio of most of the big networking industry players and a myriad of innovative start-ups. SDN has changed our perception of the network, the same way cloud computing has not long ago done for computing and storage. It has decoupled control software from specialized forwarding hardware by virtualising underlying physical resources and provided (semi-) standardized interfaces to the virtualized hardware resources; allowing for an increased service deployment agility. However, we argue that SDN in its current incarnation is just the beginning of the network softwarisation trend, since it still carries too much heritage from legacy telecommunication network architectures.