PRISTINE NetIDE collaboration workshop

Members of the NetIDE and PRISTINE research teams took an opportunity to host a collaboration workshop in Ireland recently to share project developments, to run-through the IDE produced by NetIDE and to explore whether outputs from the projects could be leveraged between them.


Presentations were made by by Dr. Pedro A. Aranda Gutiérrez (TID) and Miguel Ponce de Leon (TSSG). NetIDE aims to deliver a single point of entry to SDN development that supports the whole development lifecycle of network controller programs in a vendor-independent fashion. Where a controller- and gear-independent approach is used to support the development of Network Apps.

With NetIDE being an Eclipse compatible plugin available in the Eclipse Market place, with Graphical Topology Editor, Code Editors and Simulation & Inspection tools it makes for an interesting tool to explore as a companion to the work being done in PRISTINE. In particular the Graphical Topology Editor is network agnostic and quite a generic network topology tool which could be used in either specifying the PRISTINE testbed configuration of one of its use cases, or as a network topology graph as input towards RINASim the PRISTINE RINA simulator.

The participants also discussed NeMo a Network Modeling Language, which looks to a transaction based North Bound (NB) API which can allow applications to use intent-based policy to create virtual networks comprised of nodes with policy-controlled flows. Its high level structuring and its ideas around reusable blocks may allow us to connect it to RINA in some way.

The team members concluded the workshop with a view that there are a number of open opportunities to explore and collaborate on in 2016.