D2.5 Consolidated SDK !

PRISTINE’s deliverable D2.5 is already available from the website’s deliverables section.

Executive summary

This deliverable describes the consolidated version of the PRISTINE Software Development Kit (SDK). Task T2.3 has collected the feedbacks received from WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP6 during the PRISTINE first iteration, and has designed and implemented the SDK features required for the second iteration.

Interaction of policies with main system

The RINA Plugin Interface (RPI) provides a set ot Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow the SDK user to plug an unplug custom policies, and deploy them at run time. The RPI model defined during the first SDK release has proven to be effective in supporting the programmability needs of the technical work packages: a number of policies have been successfully integrated and deployed in the WP6 testbeds. As a consequence, no major model changes were required for the second iteration SDK.

The developments carried out by Task T2.3 have therefore focused on two main aspects. First, SDK support has been added for those components of the IPC Process not supported by the first SDK release. Second, a catalog of policies has been designed to automatically load plugins and keep track of the policies currently assigned to running IPC processes components.

This documents describes the updated version of the SDK, to be used for the project’s second iteration. In the next months, WP6 will integrate the policies developed by WP3, WP4 and WP5 – both new policies and consolidated version of existing policies – into the updated SDK framework.