Paper on Scalable Forwarding with RINA presented at NOF 2015

Last week Fatma Hrizi of the Telecom SudParis university presented their work on applying RINA to achieve scalable forwarding in distributed clouds.

Through this post we will share:

Abstract of the paper

Distributed clouds have been regarded as the key enabling technology to provide new trends of services. The contribution of this paper is twofold. First, we discuss current distributed clouds architecture and highlight the issues involved, specifically scalability. Second, we investigate the benefits of the use of the Recursive InterNetwork Architecture (RINA) as a networking solution for the distributed clouds. Our proposal, called Scalable Forwarding with RINA (SFR), has been evaluated via simulations and showed to reduce the routing table size by around 75%. The paper concludes by highlighting the advantages of the RINA-based approach over current distributed clouds networking solutions in terms of scalability, simplicity and manageability.

Slide on the performance evaluation scenario

Tutorial on papers simulation setup using RINASIM There is a tutorial in place on the PRISTINE wiki, in which we give you an idea on how to set up simulations in relation to this paper using RINASim. The scenario called “distributed clouds use case” is composed of 120 nodes in total divided into 4 different regions. There are 30 nodes per each region. A Ping application has been used for communication between the nodes. The packet size is set to 1500 Bytes.


Get the Code The code base for this SFR simulation is available on GitHub.