Use case study on RINA as an overlay solution for distributed clouds available

A new use case study on RINA as an overlay solution for distributed clouds is available at the technical reports section of the website.


Distributed cloud systems offer important advantages over centralized ones. Intrinsic resilience to network and electricity cuts, green nature, scalability and a more jurisdictionally secure environment for trading secrets are some of these advantages. However, because of its open and exposed nature, networking in highly available distributed clouds have to address a number of challenges. In this paper, deep analysis of the networking aspects of a real distributed cloud use case is performed, identifying its most important issues and limitations. The core of the paper discusses a detailed case study of the application of the Recursive InterNetwork Architecture (RINA) as a (virtual) networking solution for the distributed cloud, tailoring routing, resource allocation and security policies to the specific needs of supported cloud service. The paper concludes by highlighting the advantages of the RINA approach over current network virtualization solutions in terms of simplicity, programmability, scalability, manageability and network-application integration.

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