Paper on RINASim presented at the OMNeT++ Community Summit 2015

Last week Vladimir Vessely of the Brno University of Technology presented the RINA simulator work in the OMNeT++ Community Summit 2015. RINASim, an open-source RINA simulator being developed within the PRISTINE project under the leadership of Vladimir’s team, was well-received by the community, therefore a bigger presence of RINASim in the next OMNeT++ summit may happen (including a dedicated tutorial). Link to the publication.

Abstract of the paper

Recursive InterNetwork Architecture is a clean-slate approach to how to deal with the current issues of the Internet based on the traditional TCP/IP networking stack. Instead of using a fixed number of layers with dedicated functionality, RINA proposes a single generic layer with programmable functionality that may be recursively stacked. We introduce a brand new framework for modeling and simulation of RINA that is intended for OMNeT++

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