RINA presented at the “Looking beyond 5G” Workshop

On 29th June, 2015, the NetWorld2020 Joint Expert Group and Vision Group Workshop on “Looking Beyond 5G” was held in Paris. Diego Lopez (Telefonica I+D) exposed the views of the PRISTINE project in the workshop with a presentation entitled “RINA as a clean slate approach to software networks”, available on the presentations area of this website and at the bottom of this post for your convenience.


The workshop objective was to identify disruptive technologies and clean-slate approaches for new, very advanced communication systems. Diego introduced how the RINA architecture can be used in a highly heterogeneous and mobile environment such as the one described by the 5G and beyond vision. The audience provided the following feedback/questions:

  • They would like to see more details on how RINA could work in 5G environments, e.g in case of handover? (what specific policies for which components could be part of a mobile environment)
  • What I need to do to port my app to RINA? Two approaches: faux-sockets API (don’t touch your app, but it won’t know it is running over RINA and won’t be able to fully exploit the benefits); port it to the native RINA API.
  • RINA is formally specified, draft specifications are available upon request.
  • Need to evaluate how RINA can support existing business models and allow for the creation of new business models in the telecom and distributed computing arena.