PRISTINE and RINA at the TNC 2015

RINA and the PRISTINE project had a strong presence in the TNC 2015 conference, which brings together the main stakeholders of the research and education networking community. The conference started with an opening plenary by John Day, in which he discussed that “Connected communities need strong foundations“. During the talk, recorded here, John started with the bad news, discussing what’s wrong in the current computer networking technology.

What's wrong with the current Internet

What’s wrong with the current Internet 


It turns out that the Internet has a flawed approach towards its architecture, protocol design, naming and addressing, network management, congestion control, quality of service and security. But there were good news also, in fact pretty good news: there is a scientific way forward that results in a simple, elegant and powerful model of networking.

RINA master class at the TNC 2015 opening plenary

RINA master class at the TNC 2015 opening plenary


John’s talk was later complemented by a RINA session featuring some of the ongoing results of the IRINA and PRISTINE projects. Dimitri Staessens introduced IRINA: RINA for NRENs, Eduard Grasa talked about IRATI: An open source RINA implementation for the Linux/OS, Miguel Ponce de Leon presented the goals of the PRISTINE project, and Diego Lopez explained the benefits when RINA meets NFV.