D6.1 First iteration trial plans

PRISTINE’s deliverable D6.1 is already available from the website’s┬ádeliverables section.

Executive summary

The purpose of the work carried out within the context of D6.1 has been to integrate the different software components developed by PRISTINE partners over the IRATI RINA implementation during the first iteration of the project, thus enabling the experimentation activities carried out by T6.2. PRISTINE has built over the basic IRATI stack in three main directions:

  • Designing a Software Development Kit (SDK) to facilitate the programmability of the IRATI RINA implementation; enabling the development of pluggable policies that tailor the behavior of the different IPC Process components. The initial work on the SDK has been reported as part of deliverable [D23].
  • Implementing a subset of the policies researched and simulated by WP3 and WP4, reported in deliverables [D32] and [D42] respectively. The policies implemented for the first iteration target congestion control, routing, forwarding, multiplexing, authentication and encryption.
  • The development of a proof of concept DIF Management System (DMS), consisting in a Manager and a Management Agent for the IRATI stack. The work on the proof of concept DMS is described in deliverable [D53].
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