PRISTINE awarded for the Cleanest Perfect Pitch 6

PRISTINE was one of 8 exemplary European projects showcased during the Net Futures 2015 Perfect Pitch Panel, and PRISTINE came away with the award for the cleanest pitch.

Net Futures is a European event which brings together a community involving companies, organisations and people, in Research & Innovation, Market Validation, Business Development, Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Strategy, to maximize competitiveness of the European technology industry.

The perfect pitch panel was a great opportunity for the PRISTINE project to exhibit to a wide audience how it is designing and implementing the internals of an innovative clean slate recursive inter network architecture (RINA) a solution which is getting closer to being market ready.

The pitch was presented by PRISTINE coordinator Miguel Ponce de Leon, who said, “the preparation for the panel was a little nerve racking, the goal of presenting such a deep networking project such as PRISTINE in a 3 minute window was a tough one, but with assistance from PRISTINE partners, the event organisers, an entertaining and informative pitch was put forth, highlighting the truly disruptive nature of the work being carried out by PRISTINE”.

As the pitch was being presented an artist drew a live representation of the pitch.

08b-pristine-1024x559The Net Futures event was also an opportunity for the PRISTINE project to work and collaborate with EC projects and researchers in the same field, and there was lively discussion at the Future Internet cluster meeting, with SDN and NFV the hot topics of the day.

Clearly there is a new market emering in the networking space, by 2018 analysis shows that the SDN/NFV market will be a €1 billion market place, and PRISTINE are clearly creating innovate components for that market segment.

Slides from the PRISTINE perfect pitch can be seen on slideshare.