D2.4 RINA Simulator; basic functionality 6

PRISTINE’s deliverable D2.4 is already available from the website’s┬ádeliverables section.

Executive summary

Simulation often serves for validating and verifying new technologies, which do not have yet implementation. Simulation also finds weak-points and drawbacks during test runs and subsequently allows one to enhance development process based on feedbacks. Hence, the implementation of the Recursive Internet Architecture Simulator (RINASim) is a natural step to support the design and development of the RINA SDK. This document introduces RINASim implemented as a framework for the OMNeT++ discrete event simulator. This framework allows the creation of simulation experiments to study RINA mechanisms and policies as well as possible RINA applications. The document consists of an installation walk-through, a high-level concept introduction, key components description and a demonstration of topologies delineation.

Model of a border router

Model of a border router in RINASim