D5.2 Specification of the common elements of the management framework 2

PRISTINE’s deliverable D5.2 is already available from the website’s deliverables section.

Executive summary

This deliverable is an update on the progress of the PRISTINE Distributed Management System (DMS). It is broken down into several sections which provide more detail on the strands that need to be woven together to make the Distributed Management System (DMS) a functioning reality. It begins with an overview of the DMS architecture, which outlines the major components, and how they work together to form the DMS.

This is followed by an update on the specification of the Resource Information Base (RIB). This section highlights the major changes since [D51]. This is followed by a more detailed description of the Managed Object (MO) templates. These templates are based on existing work in ITU.T [x722] however they have been simplified where possible [D51].

These “templates” are used to specify the Managed Objects (MO) that make up the RIB. The following section then gives an overview of the currently specified Managed Objects (MO). The next sub-section then attempts to validate the defined RIB, by examining some typical Manager / Agent interactions. We introduce a validation methodology based on “typical” management activities that would be necessary in a deployed system. This is followed by the detailed description of the management actions between the Manager and Management Agent, or Management Agent and Manager, necessary to complete the management activity.

The next technical section outlines the design of the Management Agent in particular. This is followed by some of the agent workflows, and a description of the agent components. The last section describes the guiding principles that govern the design of the DMS RIB library. The RIB library provides the means to create, destroy and manipulate RIB objects. It uses the Common Distributed Application Protocol (CDAP) library, however it provides a higher level of abstraction for RIB users (developers).

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Software architecture of the RIB Daemon

The final section outline the future plans for progressing the RIB, the Management Agent and the Manager. Appendix A contains a formal type specification, for both the basic and complex data-types used in the MOs. Appendix B contains a snapshot of the formal specification of the MOs that form the RIB.