D2.2 PRISTINE Reference Framework available 3

PRISTINE’s deliverable D2.2 is already available from the website’s deliverables section.

Executive summary

D22 reports about the work carried out in T2.2. This task has performed a review of the RINA specifications that are relevant to the technological areas addressed in PRISTINE (congestion control, routing, resource allocation, authentication, access control, encryption, security coordination, configuration management and performance management) in order to spot any limitation towards the project’s objectives. Successively, it has defined and categorized the variable behaviors in each RINA component involved in the project, for the various research areas taken into consideration, in order to identify the policies that are likely to be in the scope of PRISTINE work. The RINA specifications and reference model documents are not open since they are not yet ready for public release, but access to the documents can be granted upon request on a case by case basis.

RINA architecture reference model and components

RINA architecture reference model and components


The second part of the deliverable discusses the different research areas that PRISTINE is targeting:

  • Congestion avoidance/control (WP3, T3.1).
  • Distributed resource allocation (WP3, T3.2).
  • Addressing and routing (WP3, T3.3).
  • Authentication, authorization and confidentiality (WP4, T4.1).
  • Security coordination within a DIF (WP4, T4.2).
  • Reliability and high availability (WP4, T4.3).
  • Network Management (WP5).

For each research area an overview of the problem space from the perspective of the RINA architecture is presented, followed by an initial discussion of the ideas that PRISTINE will work on and the identification of the relevant IPC Process components and policies that will be affected by the project’s research and development activities.