PRISITNE present at the EC Net-Tech Future Internet Cluster

On October 23rd the PRISTINE project was presented at the EC Net Tech Future Internet Cluster meeting in Brussels, Belgium. The main goal of the FI cluster meeting was to focus on project achievements in the past year and also to work further on the vision of projects with respect to topics to be addressed in the future.

Dr. Stein Gjessing (UiO) delivered a sort PRISTINE presentation which firstly gave an introduction to RINA (the Recursive Inter-Network Architecture) and then he went on to outline the main results achieved by the project in its first 9 months and outlined a number of research topics in the Future Internet space which we consider important in the future. Specifcally in these fits 9 months PRISTINE has

  • An Initial implementation of the Software Development Kit (Linux Kernel) for a RINA implementation.
  • Identified the relevant RINA IPC Process components and policies for: Congestion avoidance/control, Distributed resource allocation, Addressing and routing, Authentication, authorization and confidentiality, Security coordination within a DIF, Reliability and high availability and Network Management.
  • Has a draft specification of a RINA DIF Management System (DMS).
  • Has a set of draft designs of RINA-based solutions for the Distributed Cloud, Datacenter Networking and Network Service Provider use cases.
  • Initial proof of concept implementation of a RINA Simulator.

Some question / comments were raised by the audience on a number of topics.

The complete FI Cluster meeting program can be found here and PRISTINE’s presentation is embedded below for your convenience.