Presentations from the Dublin RINA Workshop available online 4

It’s a week after the event, and we have now had the time to upload most of the presentations given at the work so that we can share them with you. The second RINA workshop was a success, bringing together 47 people from about 25 organizations representing universities, research centres, SMEs, public and private service providers, system integrators and equipment vendors. It became very clear that RINA has been gaining momentum during 2013, and we hope to keep it growing this year!

Day one presentations

Day two presentations

  • Overview of the PRISTINE project Introduction to the research that is going to be carried out within the FP7 PRISTINE project, focused on the programmability and management aspects of RINA. Presentation by Miguel Ponce de Leon.
  • Overview of the IRINA project Presentation of the goals of the IRINA project, which researches RINA as a potential future architecture for the NRENs and GEANT. Presentation by DImitri Staessens.
  • Quality attenuation and how to apply it using RINA Introduction to the quality attenuation concepts and discussion about its relationship to RINA. Presentation by Neil Davies.
  • DAFs and Management in RINA Discussion on the model of Distributed Application Facilities (DAFs), and its implications for Management in RINA. Presentation by John Day.