February RINASim Webinar

We have the pleasure of announcing the February 2017 release of RINASim and to invite you to the second RINASim webinar! The focus of this session will be on to programming policies for the different RINASim modules; with the content consisting in a short lecture and a few demos (approximately 1.5 hours long). So far, it is planned on Monday 27th February at 22:00 CET. Time was chosen taking into account participants from USA, Japan and Brazil. You can enroll into the dedicated Skype group using following link https://join.skype.com/mTBs6jtOsVI4.

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About RINASim

Where to get it?

You can use one of the following sources, where each of them contains the same RINASim version:

Changelog (February 2017 release)

January RINASim version contains:

  • CDAP API – Thanks to Kamil Jerabek, we have a brand new way how to write native RINA applications leveraging the CDAP protocol. CDAP API is based on CDAP specifications and offers a unified way for creating your Application Processes and Application Entities. We refactored existing scenarios to use CDAP API because old APs and AEs are no longer compatible with the RINASim core.
  • OMNeT++ 5.1 – We have acquired technical release of OMNeT++ 5.1 directly from developers. Thanks to Marcel Marek, RINASim is few steps closer to compatibility with upcoming OMNeT++ version.
  • Bughunting – We welcome onboard Kleber Leal (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco in Brasil) as official RINASim contributor. He has helped to refine EFCP modules. His research focuses on improving congestion control policies.