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Workshop Information for Visitors:

RINA Workshop Organisers Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG) Phone: +353 (0)51 302 952 Fax: +353 51 341100 E-Mail: Clarion Hotel Dublin City Excise Walk IFSC, Dublin 1 Ireland IRINA workshop agenda: The IRINA workshop agenda can be found here: Agenda Accommodation Information: The Clarion Hotel Dublin IFSC International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) Dublin […]


Cold Touch

Clean and fresh approach to programmability for virtualised networks 7

In the last few years “Software Defined Networking” (SDN) has come to the fore, with its proposed total decoupling between the decisions made about where traffic is sent (the Control plane) and the underlying system that forwards the traffic to its selected destination (the Data plane). Network service providers have also been exploring different ways to […]