PRISTINE presence at TNC 2016: talks, poster and life demo!

PRISTINE had a strong presence last week at the TNC 2016 conference, giving a talk, performing an official TNC demo, presenting a poster and showing RINA demos at the i2CAT booth. The leitmotiv of the PRISTINE presence was showing how RINA simplifies multi-layer network management, focusing in a case study of a multi-tenant large-scale data […]

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ICC 2016 PRISTINE presentation available online

This week PRISTINE and RINA have been present at the IEEE ICC presentation, delivering 3 presentations summarizing the main ideas of the papers entitled “Congestion Control in the Recursive Internetwork Architecture“, “A Software Development Kit to Exploit RINA programmability” and “From protection protocols to layers: designing, implementing and experimenting with security policies in RINA“. Rina […]

RINA and PRISTINE research featured in IEEE SDN Newsletter

The May 2016 issue of the IEEE SDN Newsletter features an article with a RINA perspective on the limitations of SDN in its current form authored by two PRISTINE researchers. The full article can be reached at this link, here’s a little excerpt. “In spite of being only a few years old as a technology, […]

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Buenos Aires

PRISTINE, RINA, and recursive congestion control in IETF 95

What are Recursive Congestion Signals in RINA ? Well this was a topic presented by the University of Oslo and PRISTINE researcher David Hayes, (co-authored by Peyman Teymoori, and Michael Welzl) at the recent IETF95 meeting in Buenos Aires. In the IRTF research group, Internet Congestion Control (ICCRG) David took the time to present work on congestion control in recursive […]

RINA presentations at the 2nd meeting of the ETSI Next Generation Protocols ISG

This week representatives of PRISTINE attended the second ETSI NGP meeting that took place in Sophia-Antipolis (France). PRISTINE partners actively participated in this group, contributing to its goal to re-architect the current communications protocol stack. During the meeting three contributions with RINA background were presented and discussed: A tutorial on how layers have been used in […]

ETSI meeting room

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Paper on self-adaptive Network Management for RINA accepted at ManFI 2016

PRISTINE will be presenting initial results on self-adaptive Network Management at ManFI 2016. The paper accepted at the conference explores the advantages of RINA’s commonality and consistent QoS model through layers in order to facilitate the design and implementation of self-adaptive Network Management Systems using ontologies, semantic web rules and machine learning. We will post […]

Three PRISTINE papers accepted at IEEE ICC 2016

RINA results achieved by the PRISTINE project will be heavily featured in the upcoming IEEE ICC 2016 conference. Three papers explaining results on several of the RINA areas researched by PRISTINE (congestion control, programmability and security) will be presented at the Next Generation Networking and Internet Symposium and at the Communications and Information Systems Security […]

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RINA discussed in ETSI’s Next Generation Protocols ISG

ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, has launched a new Industry Specifications Group (ISG) to start work on Next-Generation Protocols (NGP) that go beyond what the current TCP/IP Protocol suite can provide. The ISG had its kick-off meeting in London during the third week of January. Amongst others, RINA was presented by PRISTINE and ARCFIRE […]

D2.6 Advanced RINA Simulator ready!

PRISTINE’s deliverable D2.6 is already available from the website’s deliverables section. Executive summary Simulation is widely accepted validation and verification tool to test and prove new technologies. Simulation runs can reveal design flaws, performance drawbacks and other weak points. Simulation results are able to enhance development process of researchers and programmers. Hence, the implementation of the Recursive Internet Architecture […]

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PRISTINE NetIDE collaboration workshop

Members of the NetIDE and PRISTINE research teams took an opportunity to host a collaboration workshop in Ireland recently to share project developments, to run-through the IDE produced by NetIDE and to explore whether outputs from the projects could be leveraged between them. Presentations were made by by Dr. Pedro A. Aranda Gutiérrez (TID) and Miguel […]